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Vintage Red Fox hits Waitrose Deli

Award-winning cheese maker, Belton Cheese, spent four years perfecting Red Fox, a modern Red Leicester cheese which it describes as being intense with “a cunningly unexpected crunch”.

The Red Fox, after a slow and careful maturation period, has been aged to perfection resulting in Belton Cheese releasing a new matured cheese ‘Vintage Red Fox’.

Vintage Red Fox has an intense and complex blend of sweet and savoury flavours with a ‘crunch’ that is created by the formation of calcium crystals as the cheese matures. Typically matured for 18 months to give a depth of flavour it has a wonderful rugged mouth-feel with a hint of ‘crunch’.  Only when it has gained the Belton cheese grader’s approval does the cheese achieve its ‘Vintage Red Fox’ status.

Vintage Red Fox caught the eye and the taste buds of the Waitrose team securing a listing, and is now available in store on the delicatessen counter.

Belton Cheese, like Waitrose, is very passionate about cheese, quality and provenance.  Waitrose carefully select the best of the best and with almost every branch of having at least one trained cheese specialist, help is always on hand to find your perfect Vintage Red Fox cheese.

January 2014

  Vintage Red Fox Cheese Image

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