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Barn Owl Update 2013 – Latest News

After the euphoria of July we have come down to earth with a bump. Although the eggs hatched, sadly the owlets did not survive probably due to a lack of their food source – mainly voles. Out of 170 boxes re-checked in the Shropshire area, only two were found to have healthy young. Obviously we keep our fingers crossed for next year.

September 2013

Good News! We were very pleased to discover that we have a pair of barn owls in one of our boxes again. They were very nervous and flew out as the ladder touched the tree so John, from Shropshire Barn Owl Trust, was not able to look in the box. However he assumes they were at the egg laying stage and he will come back in late August/early September see if they have been successful.

We feel very lucky to have the owls here as out of 50 boxes checked so far only 3 were occupied, due to the awful weather earlier in the year.

Any farmers and landowners who are interested in helping Barn Owls can find more information on www.barnowltrust.org.uk, or by contacting Shropshire Barn Owl Group on www.shropshirebarnowlgroup.org.uk

Ideal Barn Owl habitat consists of rough, tussocky grassland with a deep litter layer as this is where field voles (the Barn Owl's main prey) are most numerous. Grassland that lacks a deep litter layer is of much less benefit to Barn Owls - even if the grass is long.

July 2013


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