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New Belton Varieties Hit Sainsbury's

Sainsbury’s has been working with Belton Cheese, based in Shropshire, to offer speciality regional cheeses to its customers. From 19th August, Sainsbury’s deli counters will have an expanded range of cheeses which have been produced from the region including Traditional White Cheshire, Sage Derby and Peppercorn Red.

Win Merrells, Sainsbury’s Cheese Developer, said: “In recent years we have worked hard to expand our selection of speciality cheeses and formed fantastic relationships with local dairies to offer customers exclusive cheeses from their local area.  Our deli counters will now offer a breadth of choice we have never had before, and we think our customers will love trying the new cheeses we have on offer”.

These cheeses have been developed by Belton Cheese who already supply Sainsbury’s with the delicious Shropshire Red, and have been making cheese since the early eighteen hundreds.

Justin Beckett Belton Cheese Managing Director said:
“We are absolutely delighted to be expanding our cheese range into Sainsbury’s.  This listing is a true accolade of the quality of our milk and the skills of our Cheesemakers and Grader. We have a strong relationship with Sainsbury’s and look forward to developing the business in the coming months”

• Traditional White Cheshire – A crumbly textured cheese with light citrus notes. This delicious cheese was crowned best English Cheese at the 2014 British Cheese Awards. Fantastic crumbled over a salad or have a chunk with some apple pie.

Peppercorn Red - A distinctly flavoured cheese styled on a variation of Red Leicester which combines a well matured slightly sharp flavour with obvious peppercorn notes. The peppercorns are added to the vat which gives a unique flavour that develops during the 10 month maturation. Great with crusty bread or on a cheese board.
Sage Derby - A distinctly flavoured cheese with obvious sage character and some sweet notes. Smooth in texture with a unique green marbled appearance. Made in the traditional manner by soaking sage leaves and adding the juices to the curd, giving a green marbling effect. A real eyecatcher when added to a cheese board. The cheeses are now available on Sainsbury’s deli counters.

September 2014


  Traditional Cheshire Cheese Image
Peppercorn Read Cheese Image
Sage Derby Cheese Image
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