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Morrisons List Belton Red Fox Nationwide

Belton Cheese, producers of the famous Red Fox Cheese, has received a boost in distribution as Morrisons extend the store listings nationwide.

Red Fox, which compliments The Belton Farm current award winning cheese range, is now available from Morrisons deli counters across the nation.

Based in Whitchurch, in the glorious Shropshire countryside, the Belton Creamery uses its cheese making expertise, along with milk supplied by local farming families, to produce Red Fox Cheese.

The cheese uses a unique recipe developed over many years, together with carefully selected cultures and the skill of the cheese-maker to produce an intense and complex blend of sweet and savoury distinctive flavours.

It has a russet colour and a wonderful rugged mouth-feel with a hint of ‘crunch’. The subtle crunch comes from the naturally occurring calcium lactate crystals which form as the cheese matures. 

Justin Beckett, Managing Director of Belton Cheese, said: “We are delighted that Red Fox will now be available nationally in Morrisons stores, making it available to customers across the country.

Demand from the market and our customers for a new modern British cheese prompted us to develop Red Fox, which has proved to be a great success.”

October 2015

  Morrisons Red Fox Cheese  
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