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Barn Owl Update 2016

Sadly this year we did not have any young Barn Owls in our nest box, which we are putting down to the very wet weather we had, making it extremely difficult for the adults to hunt for food. However, there were two adults roosting in the box which the Shropshire Barn Owl Trust were able to ring. We shall keep our fingers crossed for better news next year!

Ideal Barn Owl habitat consists of rough, tussocky grassland with a deep litter layer as this is where field voles (the Barn Owl's main prey) are most numerous. Grassland that lacks a deep litter layer is of much less benefit to Barn Owls - even if the grass is long.

Any farmers and landowners who are interested in helping Barn Owls can find more information on www.barnowltrust.org.uk, or by contacting Shropshire Barn Owl Group on www.shropshirebarnowlgroup.org.uk

August 2016

  Barn Owl

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