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Cheshire Cheese

Cheshire cheese is a slightly crumbly and silky textured cheese with a full bodied, fresh, flavour. The special flavour in Cheshire cheese is caused by nearby salt deposits permeating local pasturelands. Cheshire cheese is Britains oldest variety, dating back to before the Romans settled in Cheshire and North Shropshire, when the area was inhabited by the Celts.

The taste of coloured and white Cheshire is exactly the same, but an age-old vegetable dye called Annatto adds the attractive colouring, without affecting the flavour.

The Doomsday Book held a record of Norman women making Cheshire cheese and, in the sixteenth century, the historian, John Speed, pronounced Cheshire to be the best cheese in Europe. Cheshire cheese has continued to be popular, especially with the French, Americans and Can
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