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Weather permitting, cows are turned out to grass in April and will stay out as long as possible, usually until November when it becomes too wet and cold for them to remain outside. They are looked after very carefully and frequently checked to ensure the care they receive is up to high welfare standards enabling Belton Farm to use the Assured Food Standards Red Tractor symbol.

During the winter cows are fed a ration consisting of grass silage, forage maize, chopped straw and wholecrop wheat, all of which are grown on the farm. Extra feed will also be brought in to help balance out their diet including brewers grains, rape meal, molasses and minerals.


The cows are normally milked twice a day through modern milking parlours. Each cow receives the correct amount of feed depending on what stage she is at in her lactation.

A vacuum pump helps stimulate the cow to release milk which is drawn from her udder through four teat clusters, sent through a pipeline to a refrigerated bulk tank where the milk is cooled down to below 5° C then tested by the laboratory, before being pumped into one of the milk storage silos.

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