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By clicking on any of the buttons below you will gain a further insight into each stage of the Cheese making process:



Cheese is graded by an independent cheese grader working to a strict standard set out under The Farmhouse grading scheme. Using a cheese iron made of stainless steel or gunmetal, a plug of cheese is taken by the grader who will firstly smell the cheese to ensure there are no off flavours, check the colour and texture of the curd is correct, and finally taste the cheese before awarding the cheese a suitable grading score.

Once the cheese has been graded it is then left to mature for a
s long as 12 months.


Orders are often placed at very short notice by customers, so we need to be able to react quickly, having cold stores on the same site allows us to respond, whether it be an export order with complicated labelling and bar coding requirements, a bulk load for pre-packing to a supermarket customer, or a local delivery using our own transport, everyone works hard to ensure that the highest quality standards are achieved.
Handmade on the Farm
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